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Four Ways to Make This Lent Matter

As Catholics, we often see Lent as a time where we are asked to “give up” something in our lives. Coffee, television, sweets, or soda—we’ve all given up something. Lent is a sacrifice, but rather than it simply being a feeling of giving something up, it should be a liberating experience. As we engage with […]

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Four Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Facebook Page

The Apostle Paul spent a lot of time in town squares, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ wherever he went. He spoke of becoming all things to all people, in order to win some to the cause of Christ. And we are each called to do the same. Facebook is the new town square […]

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Tech Trends for 2016

  Our lives become more connected with new technology every year. We have smartphones, smart refrigerators, smart thermostats, smart everything. We are all becoming part of the grand Internet of things. In 2016, we’re going to see some major shifts in technology and we’ll see products designed to make our lives faster, simpler, better. But […]

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Flat Francis Fan

Flat Francis, Pope Francis, and a Lesson in Social Media Campaigns

A few months ago, the team at Catholic Extension came up with a genius way of building excitement for Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to the United States—Flat Francis. Like Flat Stanley before him, Flat Francis has traveled the globe and back and thousands of pictures have poured in across social media of people posing with their Flat […]

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Four Ways to Increase Communication in the Church

Are you effective at communicating with the members of your church? How about with the entire community? When you have an important message to relay, you have to make it impactful. And you have to make sure it is making the target. In today’s world, your congregation and community are being bombarded with information. Making […]

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Refurbished Computers & Laptops for Churches

Many churches and faith based organizations find themselves in need of computers to complete their work, but without the budget to buy equipment. InterConnection’s online store allows churches to buy computers at a fraction of the cost. If your church is in need of computers or other technology or has some to donate, check out this article to […]

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