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New sharing features in Adobe Creative Cloud

For those of you using the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite, you may have heard that Cloud sharing was rolled out last week. It’s brilliant.

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Too Many WordPress Sites To Manage? Try ManageWP

ManageWP is a great way to take control of all your WordPress sites and keep it up-to-date.

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Flat UI Design is In

The fact that the upcoming Apple iOS7 fully embraces a Flat User Interface confirms it – Flat UI Design is in. Pay close attention and you’ll see it everywhere.

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Keep your skills up-to-date with

Back in 1996, I got the crazy idea to work in the rapidly expanding field of ‘Information Technology’. The company I was working for at the time had a small IT department, and I enjoyed talking shop with the Network Administrator. One day, I naively asked him, “I’d like to learn how to do what […]

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Idea Napkin

Bring your ideas and designs to life with Balsamiq Mockups

In the early stages of a design or development project, it’s useful to create a wireframe that visually represents the placement of objects or the user interface. As the idea begins to take shape and stakeholders weigh-in, you’ll want to make changes to this wireframe as quickly and easily as possible.

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Minnesota churches using social media to connect

I was recently interviewed by KARE11 (local NBC affiliate) for a story on how churches are using social media to connect with church-goers.

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Twitter follows slowing you down? You CAN start over

I screwed up on Twitter, but thankfully, I was able to ‘start over’.

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Who can build my website?

Even though I’m semi-retired from the web development business, I still get asked all the time, “Who can build my website?”. I’ll attempt to answer that question.

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A book every blogger should read

Ignore this book and your blog posts will suffer. I should know – mine did.

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Recent Mac Tech Headlines – Broken iPad. Box offers 50GB for free. Split keys.

The biggest story this week was probably the release of IOS5 and the iPhone4S. So, here are a few more delicious Mac morsels to munch on.

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Old fashioned camera

Poll: Best way to share photos at CNMC

Tomorrow, I begin my trek to Kansas City and the 2011 Catholic New Media Conference. Considering the level of tech-geekdom in attendance, I expect many will have their smartphones and taking pictures. The question is – what’s the best way to share all of them?

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World Map

Sitemaps help visitors – and search engines – find your website’s hidden treasure

Sitemaps are not just for making your website easier to navigate for visitors. Search engines rely on them to index your new content.

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Search Engines

Catholic SEO: A Failing Grade?

How important is SEO to your web strategy?

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Something different – redux

It’s been a crazy week since I announced last week that I was going to shut down Today, I’m happy to announce that Liturgical Publications is taking ownership of the website.

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Humor: Are you getting a lot done on the grandpa box?

I’ve got a grandpa box. How about you?

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UPDATED: And now for something completely different…

I’ve decided to put to rest.

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Tech Talk Forums – Redux

Last April, we upgraded the Community Forum software to IP. Board 3. We enabled all the bells-and-whistles you could possibly imagine, but it never caught on.

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home-made parabolic reflector

Boost your Wi-Fi signal with a home-made Parabolic Reflector

At home this past weekend, I got fed-up with our Wi-Fi dead-spot. The problem is our Wi-Fi router is in my basement office, and our AppleTV – which is wireless – is in the upstairs living-room on the other side of the house. So, I grabbed a couple items that were lying around and built a Parabolic Reflector.

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