Big Data & Church Digital Summit | 11.15.2018

On November 15th, I have the honor of participating in summit on Big Data and the Church.  Can you believe it, churches may actually be Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.48.36 AMinterested in Big Data?  Big Data is a recent technical term for gathering the massive amounts of data available now in organizations, on Social Media, and across the Internet to try and understand patterns, trends, and behaviors of people.  This Big Data and Church Digital Summit will be conducted as an online webinar.  Its free and you’re all invited!

Its hosted by a company called Gloo whose is using Big Data and Analytics to understand the unique needs of your parishioners and your surrounding community to identify opportunities for growth and engagement.  This digital summit will have a very large audience across all religious denominations.  Some churches across many denominations are taking their data and their Internet presence very seriously and are investing considerable amounts of time and energy in trying to leverage both of these to engage their membership where people are increasingly spending more of their time, online.

To find out what other organizations across many denominations are up to, I’d encourage you all to sign-up.  It should be an exciting and insightful use of all of our time.

For more information, here’s the link to the registration and information page,  Again, its free!


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  • Edward Palamar

    Here’s some big data of which you were probably not aware –

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