Is Your Online Donation System Ready for Advent?

poinsettiaswallpapersuggestcom1600x1200_yvdym_2560x1920.jpgAdvent is a season of celebration and anticipation as Catholics worldwide await the coming of the Lord Jesus. Advent is also a season when churches are so full it can be hard to find a seat at mass.  Every year churches scramble to find extra staff and volunteer resources. The church needs to be decorated and someone has to direct the Christmas pageant. More bulletins must be printed and churches need to add more masses to accommodate the crowds.

Parishes need to be prepared for the Advent season online as well. Be sure your church website is up to date for visitors looking for information and make sure your online giving tool is prepared for the season as well.

Like mass attendance, donations including online donations swell during the Advent season.  The interesting thing I’ve observed with the online donation system that I’m responsible for, WeShare, is the noticeable bump in online donations during Advent actually sticks for the following year.  People seem to use this time not only to give now, but to also update and increase their donations for the following year.  I’ve heard the same thing from some other online donation vendors as well.

Check out what these parishes are doing for their special Christmas collections.

This Advent season make sure your website is updated with your mass times and if you have an online donation system make sure its updated and promoting the message you want this joyous time of year.

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Author:Joe Luedtke

Joe Luedtke is LPi and is currently leading LPi’s efforts to move into the on-line world. Joe works for the world's largest and oldest social network, religion, and believes that this social network could benefit tremendously from the the proper use of Internet technologies.