Amazon and Google Lower Fees for Cloud Storage

Back in January I reviewed My Cloud, a private cloud storage option with a 3 TB capacity. This works great for our family—but it may not be the best option for a business or church. Sometimes, the convenience of allowing a public service to maintain, back-up, and secure your data in the cloud is the better alternative.

And thankfully, now a few months later, both Amazon and Google have dramatically lowered their monthly storage fees. Just thought I’d share in case anyone is interested, click-through for more information:

Google Drive Pricing







Amazon Glacier Pricing

$0.01 per gigabyte of storage per month. (Around $10.00 a month for 1 TB.)

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Author:Clare Zajicek

Clare Zajicek is a Catholic wife, mom, and Marketing professional working in the Milwaukee area.
  • Brad West

    Drive has gotten a lot better too. The original UI was kind of a mess. Not seeing the benefit of Dropbox anymore. The price for Drive is great too.

  • Craig Berry

    Just started using Amazon S3 last week. Bit of a pain to set up, but I qualified for their 1-yr Free Tier and it looks dirt cheap after that.

    Alot of the site I build use plugins that offer hooking into Amazon S3. I prefer that route rather than dumping everything into my 100GB Dropbox plan (which is almost 50% full now).

  • Craig Berry

    Should probably point out about Glacier. It’s pretty cool, but it’s definitely designed for long-term ‘archival’ purposes. Again, dirt cheap, but if you need to pull stuff out you get hit with some minor access charges.

  • Claire Danes

    With the escalating storage of data, people are looking for reliable backup option. So, i think cloud storage is best and potent backup service. Choose best cloud storage service and secure your data.

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  • mariya tim

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  • Aaron

    Duracell Cloud covers both your on-site backup and cloud backup needs with their hybrid cloud appliance. With multi-site video churches that I deal with it sure beats driving the sermon SD card around on a deadline, thankful for all of the cloud services out there. We use DropBox as well, but really like the NAS device that comes with the Duracell Cloud service for quick recovery times. Windows, MAC, Linux…good to go