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lifeteen instagramLife Teen, the Catholic youth ministry organization, has been around for quite a while now. (In fact, they’ve been around longer than I have.) But lately their online presence has really been grabbing my attention. They have fantastic writers that blog on their site and an extremely talented web team that are doing a great job attracting and evangelizing to young people on social media networks.

Below is an infographic the site had highlighted on their home page. (Click the image to view full size) The last statistic really struck me: 30% of U.S. Seminarians said that their experience with Life Teen played a role in their decision to enter the seminary.

infographic thumb

From this statistic alone, Catholic adults need to be sharing Life Teen social media pages with every teen we know. The goal is to get kids excited to go to Mass or a youth ministry program, and I think Life Teen is extremely successful in doing so.

If you know a teen on Facebook, make sure to point them to the Life Teen International page. Now, if they are anything like my 12 year old niece, maybe they think “Facebook is for old people.” Luckily for them, Life Teen has an extremely active presence on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Be sure to check out their store as well. A book like 100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know would make a great Christmas gift this year.

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Author:Clare Zajicek

Clare Zajicek is a Catholic wife, mom, and Marketing professional working in the Milwaukee area.