New sharing features in Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe_Creative_Cloud_iconFor those of you using the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite, you may have heard that Cloud sharing was rolled out last week.

It’s brilliant.

  • You get 20 gigabytes of online storage.
  • You can share Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign files with anyone – and they DON’T need those apps installed on their computer. They can view and comment on it through their browser.
  • The interface is easy-to-use.

If you’ve got 6 minutes, watch this short video, and I’m sure you’ll see all the possibilities this offers.

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Author:Craig Berry

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  • Brad West

    We began using this at work. I really like the cloud storage piece and how the applications are now handled. It makes taking work from place to place and collaborating so much easier.

    It’s got some great features but be prepared because it’s kind of buggy. Photoshop CC file association can be an issue. Premiere CC doesn’t play nice with some video cards but upgrading the driver seems to work in most instances I’ve found.