Too Many WordPress Sites To Manage? Try ManageWP

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ManageWP LogoHow many WordPress sites do you manage? If your answer is more than five, at some point, you’ve struggled with supporting them all. Keeping everything up-to-date and backed up is a time-consuming chore. If you choose to ignore those tasks – or slack off  – a site could get hacked and you may not have a recent backup.


ManageWP is a great way to take control of your WordPress sites and keep them up-to-date from one centralized location.

Features include:

  • One-click access to all of your administrative screens
  • Notifications when new theme or plugin updates are available
  • High Traffic alerts
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Scheduled backups
  • Site cloning and migration tools
  • Bulk posting and content management
  • malware scanner


Their pricing table starts by asking how many sites you plan on managing and breaks down the cost per website per month on their three plans (Standard, Professional, and Business).

As an example, one my clients has 15 WordPress sites.  Selecting the Professional Plan – paid monthly – the cost is $30/month (or $2/per site).

They offer a discount for billing annually (10%) or biennially (20%) and have a 14-day trial of their Business Plan.

The Plans

Three paid plans are offered: Standard, Professional, and Business. (They also have a Free plan for five websites.) Be sure to compare the features, because there are some significant differences between plans. 

For large environments (e.g. a University) they have a Self-Hosted option.

My Experience

I’ve been using it for almost six-months and it has worked out well. However, one area of difficulty I ran into was with backups. Executing a remote backup can be a bit tricky, so be prepared to make some modifications to your hosting setup to get it working properly. In my case, I had to increase my PHP timeouts on a site with a lot of content.

Bottom Line

It’s a fairly priced service and will make managing your WordPress sites a more efficient process. Try their 14-day trial to see if it’s a good fit for your environment.

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Author:Craig Berry

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  • Ruben Nunez

    Interesting service. I manage well over 10 wordpress sites for clients, and this system can really help me out. I’m signing up now. Thanks Craig for the recommendation.

  • James Mowery

    Hey Craig,

    James Mowery, CEO from ManageWP, here. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words and review!

    I’m very happy to let you and your readers know that we have major changes in the works for ManageWP that have been in the making for quite a bit now that will clear up your issues, and make ManageWP even better than before. :)

    Thanks again for the great review!