Flat UI Design is In


The fact that the upcoming Apple iOS7 fully embraces a Flat User Interface confirms it – Flat UI Design is in. Pay close attention and you’ll see it everywhere.


What is Flat Design?

What Is The Principle Behind The ‘Flat’ UI / UX Design Being Adopted By Apple, Google & Microsoft?

Flat Design and Skeuomorphism


Create a Website Flat Design in Photoshop using Flat UI (Video Tutorial)

How to Nail the Coveted Flat Design Look (9 Actionable Tips)

The simplest “flat design” tutorial on the web! – Funny

Free Stuff

20 Free High-Quality Flat Design Icon Sets

Flat UI – Free Web User Interface Kit 

60+ Free Flat Elements for UI Design


Christopher Columbus doesn't appear to be happy about this recent design trend

Christopher Columbus doesn’t appear to be happy about this recent design trend

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  • Clare Zajicek

    Great post – love the free icons!

  • Brad West

    It’s funny how these trends go. The bubbly thing was popular for a while. Shadowing photos was another one. I’m liking the flat design. It’s quicker, easier to read, and has a fun positive fee to it.

  • sonofbosco

    I love this!