Year of Faith Friday – Advent Mobile App

Whenever I think of Advent, I’m instantly reminded of the Advent prayer services we would have as a family around the kitchen table. We would take turns reading aloud from a prayer book—using only our wreath’s candlelight—and I, being the youngest, usually got to light and blow out the candles. Not only were our services faithful and introspective, they were extremely bonding for our family. It’s a tradition I’m really excited to continue with my husband and son. I can’t find the exact book my family used years ago, but there are plenty of Advent prayer books to choose from on the Catholic Company website.

For a mobile version of the Advent prayer service tradition, you can download the Advent Magnificat Companion app which has daily prayers, scripture readings, and meditations. So far it looks like a great resource, and it’s only $0.99! It’s available for iPad/iPhone, Nook, and Kindle.

And these aren’t particular to Advent, but if you’re looking for a new desktop wallpaper this season there are some beautiful designs on!

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Author:Clare Zajicek

Clare Zajicek is a Catholic wife, mom, and Marketing professional working in the Milwaukee area.