What Good is a Parish Logo?

I was working on a website a few years ago for a parish that had a parishioner create a complete branding of their parish name to use in stationary, on their website, and anywhere that they placed their parish name.  While designing their site, it made it incredibly easy for me to design their site, because in a sense, the branding helped identify who they were.  So what are some reasons to have a logo designed for your parish?


There are many “cool” fonts to choose from that every person in your parish will definitely have their favorite.  A logo at the top of each item that comes from all of the different offices help the staff understand that what they are sending is really being sent on behalf of the pastor.


That same bond that helps the staff understand that everything they publish or send out is on behalf of the pastor will also unite the parishioners to the same concept.  When the staff appear to be on the same page as the pastor, so will the parishioners.


Instead of having all of your staff spend countless (paid) hours searching through all of the cool fonts they can use, now they have to actually get other things done because there is only one font option.  Having a simple image that you can place at the top of any document just makes things easier.  Just make sure you have the designer provide good high quality, high resolution images and keep the originals somewhere safe.

So How Do You Get A Logo?

Every parish that I have worked with that had a brand for their parish had a parishioner that worked on it for them or they had a great referral.  I would start there.  If you do not have that person in your parish, there are a number of different options available online or probably through your community that you could use.  I have used a couple of different logo design contest sites to have a logo created for different projects that I have done also.  Through these sites, different artists are competing to win the monetary award with a value that you set.  In one project, I had 12 different artists with 123 different designs within a week and I paid $89.

So get crackin’ on that logo, put in on your website, and share your site with our readers here in the comments section below!   Some good examples of work I’ve seen done are: Holy Spirit Parish in Sioux Falls, SD and Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Fergus Falls, MN

Credit to Nellie Edwards who designed the logo above.  More info about the work of Nellie can be found at: http://www.SacredHeartArt.Net or http://www.immaculataart.com.

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Author:Eric Gallagher

Eric has over 8 years of experience in full-time youth ministry in the Diocese of Sioux Falls where he currently serves as the Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese. He also blogs regularly at Prepared Catholic and works part-time as a web designer. Eric is also a husband and father of two.
  • http://catholicservant.com Craig Berry

    Good stuff Eric! 

    BTW…I think you’ve got a couple repeated paragraphs in the post.

  • Joe Luedtke

    All fixed Craig!

  • Cory Heimann

    Great Post

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  • Rodrigo

    Here is an catholic agency of graphic design on Brazil: criatividadecatolica.com
    This agency has innovative ideas for communication and evangelization

    • http://www.catholictechtalk.com/ Joe Luedtke

      Rodrigo, my spanish is very poor, but the site is just a single web page. Do they have a portfolio or list of services they perform? I would assume that a design agency would have a pretty thorough website.

      • Nin

        Mr. Luedtke, I am not fluent in Portuguese, but it’s close enough to Spanish, so from what I can tell, they are in the process of revamping their website and in the meantime, they offered links to their behance site, and their blog at the bottom of that paragraph. It says those links contain some samples of their products.