Author:Brad West

I live in Palm Coast, FL with my family and have assisted my local parish with our website and communications. Our parishes today can benefit a great deal from technology. Whether it's improving communications, community building, evangelizing, business operations, and much more; we have the tools today. To help provide some direction and advice to parishes and parishioners, I wrote and published an eBook titled "The Connected Church" which is available through Barnes and Noble (Nooks and Nook apps) as well as Amazon (Kindle and Kindle apps).
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  • Marie

    Awesome!  Give us some great ideas as we are revamping our website.  We recently discovered that we get over 9,000 log ins per month onto our parish website!  Wow, our pastor guessed 100!  Log onto and view some of the great things we are doing  – including our upcoming fundraiser – Dancing with the St Mary Magdalen (SMM) Stars – we anticipate increasing our website traffic by 200% over the next four months as a result of the “voting” for our star dancers!   Marie Keith, Activity Director, St. Mary Magdalen Parish

  • Kirste Moline

    Thanks for sharing the best practices.  I love picking up new ideas and keeping our content fresh.  Our church website has been a work in progress.  In the past two years, we have seen traffic to our site at explode.  We have branched out into audio and video productions (though we are far from where we want to be) and use social media like Facebook and Flickr to share the Good News. 

  • Brad

    Thank you for sharing your websites.  I think they both are great examples for others.  Father Pat’s Blog is great, Kristie.  It’s current, relevant to the parish, fun, and just an overall great tone to it.  Definitely something I would be coming back to read as a parishioner.  I also really like the use of digital media (i.e. photos) to promote current events and enhancing that with photos from last year’s event.  

    Marie, really nice job too.  Really a smooth and quick site to navigate through.  A really great hub for your parish and I can understand why you are getting pretty consistent traffic.  Thank for sharing.  

    What both comments point out is that there is more traffic to the website than initially thought.  This happens quite a bit too, and demonstrates the importance of analytics and the data available.  

  • Ryan Foley

    Another great an innovative site is St. Peter Claver in the Archdiocese of Hartford, CT. The site has a well organized public-facing website but also a robust parishioner only area. The site was developed using Faith Interactive’s Connected Community software. As the CEO of Faith Interactive we’re really excited to be able to support parishes by providing both the public and private sites and embedding within the solution a robust platform to increase communication capabilities, parishioner engagement and networking.

  • pauldanon

    So many webmasters make the mistake of wasting valuable homepage-space with a massive picture. Such vanity-portraiture belongs in the gallery (which no-one will look at). Homepages are for key (usually written) information such as service-times, contacts and events.