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Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen to Your Church’s Facebook Page

Social Media Without Moderation

One of they keys to successful communication is needing to listen to the person that you wish to talk to.  The same definitely holds true for Social Media. Social Media is about engaging other people online.  That engagement includes active listening, monitoring the conversations and making sure they don’t spin out of control.  The picture on the left happened to a church that created their Facebook Page, but then didn’t listen to what was occurring on that page.  This page along with literally 1000s of other Facebook Fan pages have been taken over by spammers only because no one was listening to the conversations occurring.  Fortunately, there are some simple Facebook security controls that make this very easy to manage.

As an Admin on your Facebook Page, you have a great deal of functionality that can help successfully manage your Facebook Page.  Start with the “Manage Permissions” tab.  Here is where you can enable others to post on Page’s wall.  The simple solution would be, of course, not to let anyone else post on your Church’s wall.  While it solves this problem, it defeats the whole purpose of Social Media.  Social Media is about two way communication.  This is a mindset change for many churches to work through.  Churches are use to one way communication.   Have you ever seen someone raise their hand during the Homily on Sunday with a question or a comment?  That doesn’t happen.  Our two-way communication is typically done 1:1, but Social Media changes that.  For the church, Social Media is about Church to Parishioner engagement and also hopefully Parishioner to Parishioner engagement.

Facebook's Manage Permissions Tab

The “Posting Ability” check boxes is how you let your fans engage with you on your Facebook Wall.  If you look below that, there’s some simple automatic filtering you can do to prevent profanity or certain words from occurring on your page.  You don’t want to go overboard with adding too many words here to filter out, but one solution to the spamming problem illustrated above would be to ban words like “acai berry”.  Banning “work-at-home-mom” is a little riskier.  That could be a phrase that surfaces in a typical conversation.  Again, use this carefully.

As I said, listening is the key and Facebook helps with that.  In the “Your Settings” tab you can select to receive emails when someone posts to your page.  This is probably the easiest way to keep tabs on activity on your page.

Facebook's Your Settings Tab

I first ran across this church’s Facebook page a few months ago.  Sadly, now I can’t find them on Facebook anymore.  Unfortunately, sometimes one bad experience is all it takes.  The key to conversations is listening and Facebook lets you easily do that.



















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