Confused About The Upcoming Mass Changes? There’s An App For That!

By Cale Clarke of The Faith ExplainedI’m of the generation that does not know the Mass before Vatican II.  I do not know how difficult that transition was for the Catholics who experienced those changes.  I’m not alone either I know.  The Mass and the language really hasn’t changed much at all in over 30 years.  Beginning the first Sunday of Advent (November 27, 2011), the new translation will be used for the first time for everyone.  The USCCB has done a great job of making the information available online and through various forms of print materials that can be ordered (Click here to visit the New Roman Missal section of

If you are like me though you may have been asking, “Isn’t there an app for that?”  Thanks to Cale Clarke, Director of The Faith Explained Seminars, there is!  I downloaded The New Mass iOS (iPhone and iPod Touch) app the other day, and think it’s a must-have for any Catholic.  Here’s what I love about this app:

  1. Organized by breaking down the order of the Mass so it’s very easy to navigate through.
  2. Each section of the Mass contains the ‘Old Text’, ‘New Text’, and an explanation of the changes in the language.  So not only is the user able to get the “what” of the changes but also the most important part . . . the “why”.  The app serves not only as a great reference tool for parishioners of all ages, but it is also a great educational tool.  The Mass is always richer when we understand why we are saying what we are saying.
  3. Provides parishioners with another avenue other than just print material.  This is an app you can read through on a lunch break and have with you during Mass to help guide you at first.
  4. Young Catholics can use that iPod Touch for more than just music and games, Mom and Dad.
You may be wondering (like I was), is there an Android version available?  Not yet, but Mr. Clarke told me it’s a very high priority for him and is working to obtain a developer to get an Android version available.
The app has been getting rave reviews throughout the Catholic community.  This is just a sample of what others have to say (from

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Archbishop backs iPhone app that explains new Mass translation (Feb 3, 2011) – CATHOLICHERALD.CO.UK

Visit the iTunes App store today and download The New Mass App or scan the image below with your iPhone or iPod Touch to go directly to the app.


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