Humor: Are you getting a lot done on the grandpa box?

H/T – Sr. Helena Burns



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Author:Craig Berry

Craig Berry is a Catholic web developer and musician.
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  • Dean Soto

    Ack!  That’s not funny! (yes it is).  It’s definitely true though.  I think I run most of my business through my iPhone now.  The office where I work some side business stuff got ransacked the other day and they stole all of the monitors.  I ended up using my phone to make sales calls from the cloud-based CRM that we use.  It was actually easier just using the mobile app than logging into the desktop, lol. 

    Amazing where tech is going. It’s hard to imagine that our phones have 10x more power than most computers we used 10 years ago. 

    Thanks for the funny Dilbert. =)