Boost your Wi-Fi signal with a home-made Parabolic Reflector

At home this past weekend, I got fed-up with our Wi-Fi dead-spot. The problem is our Wi-Fi router is in my basement office, and our AppleTV – which is wireless – is in the upstairs living-room on the other side of the house. So, I grabbed a couple items that were lying around and built a Parabolic Reflector.

home-made parabolic reflector

All I did was:

  • Elevated the access-point on a handful of DVD-boxes.
  • Grabbed a large square of aluminum foil and folded it over a couple times. Then, I taped the bottom at the base of the antennae and aimed it towards the dead-spot.

Bang! Better Wi-Fi! Our AppleTV signal indicator went from two bars up to five. Our iPhone and iPad signals are stronger as well.

Sure, I could’ve dropped $50-$100 on a Wi-Fi repeater, but this didn’t cost anything and it’s working fine.

UPDATE: Another homemade option (and probably better looking) is the Windsurfer. (H/T @Roerkerken via Twitter)

How about you? Done anything crazy like this to boost your Wi-Fi signal?


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Author:Craig Berry

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  • Jonathan F. Sullivan

    I wish I had an excuse to get all MacGeyver on my router, but even keeping it in the basement I get a great signal on my Roku two floors up. I guess the duct tape stay safely stowed for now.