5 Free Mac Apps to Increase Productivity

With a little digging, you can find a few free gems tucked away in the new Mac App Store. Here are 5 that are worthy of your workflow.



This little app is a powerful Application Launcher and Search utility for your Mac. While Spotlight is more than adequate for traversing your computer files, Alfred allows you to customize the heck out of your launch and search experience, and has a few tricks up its sleeve. You can also specify a hot-key sequence that won’t interfere with Spotlight.


Remind Me Later

Ever wished you could shoot an event or reminder into your calendar without having to launch iCal? Now you can with Remind Me Later. The beauty of this app is, it understands what you’re trying to say. Click the icon in your menu bar and type in the WHAT and WHEN of your entry: for example “Buy groceries at 4pm tomorrow”. It’ll create an event on your calendar entitled Buy groceries on tomorrow’s date for 4pm. You can even set a preference to always add an alarm for new events.



Similar to Things, Wunderlist is a great ‘To Do’ app. However, unlike Things, you can sync your lists across devices – including iPhone and Android smartphones.



This free app allows you to – almost effortlessly – share files, links, photos, etc. Drag your file to the Cloud menubar and it’ll be uploaded ‘to the cloud’, and a link (URL) will be added to your clipboard that you can paste into an email. If it can get easier than that, please tell me how.



MindNode is a mind-mapping app that’ll help you get ideas and concepts out of your head and onto the screen where you can organize them. Great for brainstorming and project management, you can then export your ‘Mind Map’ in a wide-range of formats.

Why These Five?

The problem with some productivity apps, is that they have too many bells and whistles. You end up spending too much time learning how to use them. Even worse, some don’t integrate into YOUR workflow, and you’re stuck trying to make workarounds. What impressed me most about these apps – other than their price – is that they’re simple to learn and begin using immediately.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ones out there – any recommendations?

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