5 Reasons You Should Be Following Facebook Security

Facebook security badgeThere is a lot of talk lately about security on Facebook.  Internet security is not at all a new thing, but security awareness on the world’s largest social networking site is a fairly new buzz topic, spurred by malicious links that have been cropping up on peoples’ Facebook pages without user knowledge or consent.  Sure, spammers and scammers are everywhere, Facebook included, and while they may seem easy to avoid, they’re getting smarter by the day.  Now that hackers are using Facebook as a virtual interface for infecting computers, the issue of Facebook security is one of great importance.  The good news is that there are some simple and easy safety measures you can take to avoid being a victim.

Here are five reasons you need to be following Facebook security:

Threats list

Facebook security maintains a lengthy and comprehensive list of known threats.  This list contains descriptions of threats you may never have even considered, from clickjacking to a virus called Koobface, and is updated regularly.  Reading over this information is the first step you should take in ensuring your online safety.

Free security software

Facebook is so serious about your security online that they have partnered with McAfee to offer all users who Like the McAfee page a complementary, six-month subscription to McAfee security software.  All you have to do is Like the McAfee page.  Increased security plus free stuff equals way cool.

Ways to take action

From the Facebook security page, you can report new threats and the Facebook team will promptly research your claim and do their best to snuff it out.  If you’re one of the unlucky thousands whose account has been taken over and used to send spam, you can initiate the process to shut off that access to your account via the “Take Action” tab.


Facebook security is chock-full of useful tips for avoiding scams, spams, viruses and hacks altogether.  Taking a few moments to read over these pointers can save you hours or days of aggravation later.

Spread awareness

Take the quick quiz on the Facebook security page and test your knowledge on internet threats and security.  Once you are finished, Facebook security will post a badge to your page, which your friends can click on in order to jump aboard the safety train.

Internet security is a rather complex game, given that scammers, spammers, viruses and hackers seem to evolve just as quickly as we discover them.   Luckily, protecting yourself on the internet is really quite simple.  Facebook has put all the tools in front of you in a user-friendly format, and right on the site that you most likely use every day.  What, exactly, do you have to do to follow Facebook security?  Find the page and press like. It really is that easy, and well worth the click.

About the Guest Author: Holly Lane is a full-time ultrasound tech with a passion for writing, blogging, and social networking. She encourages everyone who uses Facebook to follow the formal security page in order to get information straight from the right source.

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