Useful Firefox Plug-ins For A Web Developer

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The rich variety of plug-ins available for Firefox make the browser great for all the testing and fine-tuning a web developer must do. Listed below are some plug-ins that will increase your overall performance and make it easier for you to work.


As a plug-in that automates repetitive tasks, iMacros is valuable whenever you want to work faster. With iMacros you can record all the tasks you perform on a regular basis in a macro, and then perform the whole task with just one mouse click. Some of the things you can do with it: remember passwords, grab data from websites, and quickly fill web forms. iMacros is stable, really accessible, and, what’s even more important, it always works.


When you want to check a website designed on a grid layout you can grab GridFox, which basically makes a grid appear on top of a web page. GridFox lets you modify current grids and save them for future use. It’s really easy to use and extremely helpful when you have to design a grid-based layout.


Hot among web developers, Firebug makes available essential development tools while you surf websites. Among other things, Firebug enables you to edit and debug HTML and CSS. It’s a really capable tool and the fact that it’s frequently updated ensures that it works smoothly with all websites.

YSlow for Firebug

As a little plug-in that comes with Firebug, YSlow analyzes for you a web page and provides suggestions on how to increase performance. All the tips are based on proved rules. YSlow comes with predefined rule sets for website analysis, but it also lets you create your own custom rule sets for even better results.


If you need a plug-in that will save a web page as an image then Screengrab is what you need. With Screengrab you can even select what to capture. For example, it can take a snapshot of the whole page just as well as it can capture just one frame. Moreover, it gives you two options when it comes to saving the captured images: clipboard or file.

Font Finder

The last plug-in in this list is Font Finder, arguably the best tool of its kind currently available for Firefox. Font Finder lets you look at the font information on any website and copy it. It also enables you to carry out in-line replacements. Font Finder is not designed exclusively for web developers, but it’s extremely helpful whenever you want to test a new layout or simply learn more about a particular font.

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Any other useful plugins you’d recommend?

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