Take This Easy Quiz to Test Your IT IQ

quiz questionAt some point, every manager wonders if the technology systems currently in use are optimal for the needs of the business. Is it time to upgrade? Should we change our systems? Am I even the right person to be making this decision? Who can I ask?

Here’s a quick quiz to help you determine if you are qualified to evaluate and make decisions about your company’s data and communications systems.

Let’s begin with an easy, open-ended question.

1. What is the name of the network of interconnected computer networks used by billions of people worldwide?

ANSWER: If you answered interweb, webinet, internetwork, or “web-thingy,” you should not bother with the rest of the quiz. C’mon, people, it’s been available to the public for more than two decades. It’s not cute anymore to call it those funny names. If you really can’t remember what it’s called or what it does, you do not need to take the rest of the quiz.

2. What is tiered storage?
A) Stacking the boxes in your garage or closet according to size.
B) Assigning different types of data to different kinds of media storage.

ANSWER: While both are correct, this is a technology quiz. That should have been a hint that B is the answer we are looking for.

3. What is LTE?
A) A commuter train.
B) An acronym that is the project name for high performance air interface for cellular mobile communications systems.

ANSWER: Yes, the correct answer is B, but don’t pat yourself on the back yet. Can you identify what the letters of the acronym stand for? Here’s a hint: Long Term Evolution.

4. What is “next generation networking?”
A) Visiting with your grandchildren.
B) Technology advances focused on meeting the challenges of increased telecommunication traffic.

ANSWER: The correct answer is B. If you answered A, then you are probably one of the people who were asked to leave the quiz after question 1. Please stop.

5. What is a service aware network?
A) A network with excellent user support.
B) A network that is suited to applications in which both reliability and the need for system evolution and customization are required.

ANSWER: The correct answer is B. But tell the truth, doesn’t a service aware network sound cool? See, you ARE learning something.

6. What is a serial attached SCSI?
A) A show about crime scene investigations in Seattle that is attached to a larger franchise of shows.
b) A serial SCSI is a small computer system interface that transfers data.

ANSWER: By now you have probably realized that the quiz is simply a humorous way of pointing out that the majority of people who use technology rely on a small group of people who actually have the expertise and resources to make the magic happen.

7. What is thin provisioning?
A) Packing very little food for a camping trip in order to minimize backpack weight and reduce body-weight
B) An innovative concept of on-demand data storage that maximizes reduces wasted storage space and brings down costs.

ANSWER: This last question illustrates that no matter what your level of knowledge, only a reputable systems provider can provide the full range of systems, software, products and cutting-edge technological expertise to identify and implement the most effective tools for bringing people, information and digital content together in your business.

Jessica writes about a wide variety of topics.  She especially enjoys writing about storage. You can learn more about Serial Attached SCSI at http://www.lsi.com

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