The Fine Art of Blog Commenting

comment balloonDo you know how the most valuable lessons get passed around? Or most importantly, do you know how you learn best? The answer is simple. It’s when you engage in a healthy debate with someone. You are treated to another person’s views which may differ from yours. When presented effectively and courteously then your eyes will open up to a new light. The same thing follows with blogging communities. Most of the time, this can be reached via a discussion board or a comment thread. By opening up discussions, new points are raised and new information is disseminated.

What are the uses of blog comments?

Blog comments are powerful tools where you can further a discussion by pointing out some things that may have been missed. It is also a great platform to build links. After posting a valuable comment, you provide your name and URL so that the blog owner or other readers can click to your site. It’s a great way to build traffic to your site. Through back links, your site will also have a better chance to appear when certain related keywords are typed into a search engine.

Commenting Increases Visibility

Ultimately, we all want an increase in traffic to our site. As blog owners, we have a certain level of standard to maintain. The number of people that go to our site is a reflection of how successful your blog is on a given topic. A good way to increase awareness to your site is by going on related blogs and leaving a helpful comment. That way you are not perceived as one sided and only interested in what you have to say. The strength of blogs lies in the interaction between blog owner and users so go ahead and spread your comments around the neighborhood.

The Law of Give and Receive

If you want to receive valuable and insightful comments on your blog, then you have to learn to do that on other peoples’ blogs too. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Believe it or not, the law applies to all, even in the cyber world. This is also a good way to improve relationships with the blog owner. In time you can even email the author with a note saying how much you would appreciate a guest post from him or her.

Is there really an Art to Commenting?

Believe it or not, there is. Like with any fine discipline, rules must be followed. If you are to look at this as a valuable part of your business, there are ways to flourish in the online community and ways to simply fizzle out. Knowing this, what must you remember? Simple. Be polite to the author, to the reader, and even to yourself. Knowing where to draw the line gives you the reputation of being a tasteful blogger, an image that you owe to yourself and your readers.

Keep things simple

It is easy to get carried away online. Most of the time, bloggers try to pass themselves off as super intelligent creatures with the vocabulary of a genius. This will backfire tremendously. As we all know, no one likes a show off or a know it all. Keep your comment simple and easy to understand. Stay human.

Don’t Comment for Comment’s Sake

Only contribute to the discussion if you have something fresh or insightful to say. Remember the goal of blogs and discussions are to move ideas forward. If you are looking to just spread your name and build awareness, it will show. Make the discussion your primary goal and not to advance along the levels of popularity. In due time you will get the hits you want but first you need to earn the community’s respect. That being said, refrain from leaving a “Good post. Visit my link” type of comment. Nobody likes those.

There you have it! Some general rules to make your blog commenting fruitful as it is fun. Hope you learned something from this post. Have fun and start leaving some great comments!

Karen Harvey is a freelance writer and blogger who likes discussing the future of social media and web hosting.  Karen has a knack for finishing a good online debate.

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  • Brad

    Great input on the often overlooked component . . .the comment. Great great advice.

  • Kira Permunian

    I love the title of this blog – Catholic Tech Talk! Blog commenting is about establishing a relationship between the owner and the commenter. I agree with all your points it should be interactive and beneficial to both parties.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Great!

  • Craig

    And leaving comments like that on our site will take you far! 😉

    Thanks Kira

  • Arron Dain

    I would love to disagree and open up a friendly debate about the ideas from this post, so we can open our eyes and learn some more. But I can not, because I agree with everything that was said. Great post and very valuable.

    Thank you.

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    I’m sure we’ll be meeting the same bloggers and it helps to be seen as someone reliable or insightful.
    Besides, I’ve already taken the time to read the post so why not take the time to contribute something as well. It’s a nice feeling when you do that. ????
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