WordPress Features That Are Often Overlooked

As you probably know, WordPress is a robust blogging tool that is quickly becoming a favorite among bloggers. But with such a large offering of features and abilities, there are many that are often overlooked by even long-term users. Here are just a handful of those overlooked features and how you can start using them to boost your blog.


Many bloggers are familiar with using tags to denote the topics covered by their posts. But there is also another feature in WordPress called Categories. Categories make it so you can catalogue your posts by the overall topic. This is useful when you have a blog that covers a broad subject matter because it enables your readers to easily find the posts the meet their knowledge needs.

Internal Linking

Internal linking simplifies the search process for WordPress users. With it, they are able to easily search through their existing posts and content to quickly add links within their new posts.

This means that you are able to point to past posts that covered a similar topic so your readers can get the background or additional information.

Custom Fields

While there are an abundance of plugins that have been created for WordPress, it’s likely that there are needs you’ve identified that aren’t handled by an existing plugin. Instead of waiting for a plugin to be developed, you have the ability to create a custom field.

If you don’t know how to write code, you can easily contract an expert to create the custom field for you. This often will be fairly quick and inexpensive; and, is a much better alternative than playing the wait game.

Mobile Blogging

Many smartphones have WordPress.com apps that enable WordPress users to blog on the go. If one isn’t available for your Internet capable phone, you can also utilize the mobile version of WordPress to publish a post from the road.

Future Posts

Perhaps you’re going on vacation and want to fully relax. With future posts, you can create multiple posts in one time block and schedule out the posts to be published at specific times and days. This helps you ensure there is fresh content on your blog while you’re away from the computer.


When you come across pictures, videos or text that you’d like to quote on your blog, you can use PressThis through your web browser. This cuts down on publishing time, making it easier to share your favorite items that you stumble across on the Web.

Writing Helper

Sometimes we have fantastic ideas but are having problems getting the words right. That’s where Writing Helper steps in. This newer feature enables you to copy content from previous posts as well as solicit feedback from a trusted friend.

Featured Image

Promoting your newest blog posts on your website is a great way to boost readership; and having a featured picture from the posts help make them more intriguing. However, as you may have found, it can be tedious having to resize blog images to fit your site. Featured Image takes away this pain by automatically sizing and cropping the images for you.

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