Tech Bits: WP Themes for Churches, Facebook better than Twitter, …

Useful stuff from around the web…

  1. Best WordPress Themes for Churches and Non-Profit Organization – Really nice collection here.
  2. Sincerely, Me: What Our Email Sign-Offs Say About Us – One that I’ve been using a lot more lately is mentioned – ‘Thx’.
  3. The Essential Guild to @font-face
  4. – Nice looking website.
  5. The Productivity Tricks and Daily Habits of Famous People – #11 is something I’m (hopefully) already doing.
  6. For the First Time, More People Get News Online Than From Newspapers – I know…yawn…techies saw this day coming about 10 years ago.
  7. Gas Prices: Another Reason to Adopt Web Working? – I’ve written about this before, but it’s worth repeating.
  8. Facebook “Likes” More Profitable Than Tweets [STUDY] – I’ve found this to be true on the websites I’ve worked on. Be sure to click that Facebook icon at the top of this page, okay?


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