Mounting options for the iPhone4 – The Glif and Grippit!

Ever since the iPhone 3Gs came along, the Apple iPhone has been producing usable video and taking decent photos. The iPhone4 definitely improves upon it’s predecessor, and the rumours surrounding the iPhone5 certainly sound intriguing.

A few months back, I ditched my Flip and my ‘Point-and-Shoot’ Canon PowerShot digital camera, in favor of using one device to handle all my on-the-go media capturing. While I’ve not regretted this decision, there has been one signficant flaw to my ‘unified theory’ – how the heck do I mount this thing for stable shots?

I haven’t settled on a solution yet, but if you’re in the same boat I’m in – here are a couple options to consider.

The Glif

The Glif appears to be an elegant solution to the problem of, attaching a hunk of something to get your uber nice-looking iPhone on a tripod. While it does look like it could double as a bottle opener – at least it would be a ‘fancy’ bottle opener. The company manufacturing the Glif, ‘Studio Neat’, does a great job in their video of showing all the possible uses for this tool – sans bottle opening.

Retailing at $20.00, it’s a bit on the pricey side – but it looks like it delivers, and fashionably.


Looking for something a little less expensive? The Grippit! comes in at $9.95 and looks to just be useful for mounting on a tripod, nothing more – nothing less. I’ll admit, I’m not crazy about the color of it, but it should do the trick. My only qualm (again, I’ve not actually used it), is that it looks like it may lose it’s ‘grippiness’ over time and the construction doesn’t look too terribly resilient.

Roll up yer sleeves method

For those DIY’ers, you can bust out the tools and assemble your own mounting kit from these directions put together by Jeff Geerling.

Final Thoughts

While I’m not crazy about the price tag, I think I’m going with the Glif.

Jeff Geerling also has a post describing another solution not mentioned here that looks promising.

How about you? Have you seen or used any other mounting kits?

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