Tech Bits: In-app Purchases Gone Crazy, Better Photos and Videos With Your IPhone, Weight Of The Soul…

Eight technology-related items from around the web

BIT #1

Parents get $1,400 bill for letting child use iPhone – In-app purchases in iPad, iPhone, iPod kids’ games touch off parental firestorm

BIT #2

This book looks good – Capturing Better Photos and Video with your iPhone

BIT #3

Hmm…wonder what I am – ?The 7 Personality Types of Bloggers Today

BIT #4

The importance of the editorial calendar – You’re a publisher, start acting like it.

BIT #5

A scientific study – Weight of the Soul

BIT #6

Be sure to use smileys in that email! – The Secret Cause of Flame Wars

BIT #7

Georgia, Sweet Georgia – State considering iPads for students

BIT #8

We must fight this evil – Hijacking the Brain — How Pornography Works If you come across something good for ‘Tech Bits’, shoot me an email at

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