Soup sells well with iAds

According to some rather stunning results, “Apple, Campbell’s Say iAds Twice as Effective as TV“. Here’s a summary of their findings…

Those exposed to one of Campbell’s iAds were more than twice as likely to recall it than those who had seen a TV ad. Indeed the five-week study, conducted by Nielsen, showed that consumers shown an iAd remembered the brand “Campbell’s” five times more often than TV ad respondents and the ad messaging three times more often.

Obviously, there may be some mitigating factors here, especially related to the demographics of the test audience. Tech-savvy folks are a unique breed and may not represent the ‘common folk’ median all that well.

Another possible factor may be the ‘novelty’ of iAds. Early banner ads on websites saw somewhat decent results, but that has dropped off significantly.

What do you think? Does the iAd platform offer a good option for advertisers.

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Author:Craig Berry

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