Reboot Your Qwerty BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s Java based OS is notoriously poor at reallocating memory. Because of this you will end up with memory leaks. What this means to the average user is that you might start the day with 108mb of ram, but by the end of the day you might only have 100mb. This can degrade your BlackBerry’s performance over time and you will need to reboot your phone. The infamous BlackBerry “Battery Pull” will refresh the memory and in most cases bring you back to your max available memory. If you happen to own a QWERTY keyboard device such as the Bold, Tour, Torch or Curve this handy shortcut should take some of the pain out of it.

Instead of performing a physical battery pull or buying an app to restart your phone, simply press, Alt-right Cap-Delete simultaneously and your BB will perform a soft reboot.

Be aware that this will take a few minutes to complete in most cases so don’t do it if you are waiting for that all important call or need to use your phone right away.

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  • Juan Karlo de Guzman

    Or use an app called QuickPull :-)