Google Apps Gets Personal Start Pages

This past year when I set our parish up with Google Apps one of the downfalls was it was a bit complicated for a user to easily get access to their information.  It required the installation of the Chrome Browser and individual applications for email, calendars, docs, etc.  Recently, Google added personal ‘Start Pages’ for users.

The ‘Start Pages’ first need to be enabled on the service by an administrator.  Click here for information on how to do this. Once you have the service enabled, you can provide users with the link to st up their own personal ‘Start Page’ and/or create a link on the parish’s main website for easy access.  The personalized page is modeled after iGoogle home pages and users can add content that is important to them such as their email, calendars, daily Mass readings, Catholic news feeds, etc.  This way, the user is not tied into using any one specific browser.  They can also set this as their homepage and when they launch their browser, all of their information is right their for them to see.

Below is an example of what this can look like:

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Author:Brad West

I live in Palm Coast, FL with my family and have assisted my local parish with our website and communications. Our parishes today can benefit a great deal from technology. Whether it's improving communications, community building, evangelizing, business operations, and much more; we have the tools today. To help provide some direction and advice to parishes and parishioners, I wrote and published an eBook titled "The Connected Church" which is available through Barnes and Noble (Nooks and Nook apps) as well as Amazon (Kindle and Kindle apps).