Xobni Mobile App Reduced to $1.99 for the Holidays!

Ever get an email from a friend or colleague that was sent to an entire distribution list and wish you could add all the contacts to your BlackBerry without having to do it manually one by one? Now you can! Effortlessly capture contacts with Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry.

Xobni Mobile is a contact aggregator which builds a separate “super” contacts list initially from your BB’s address book. It then automatically adds new contacts as you receive email, sms/mms, and phone calls. It also connects to Facebook and Linkedin, and you can purchase a desktop tie in for Outlook! It is practically guaranteed that your contact info will grow. Normally $9.99, Xobni has reduced the price to $1.99 for the Holiday Season. If you are a BlackBerry user this is definitely one of those must have apps at fullprice let alone for under $2 bucks!

Xobni Mobile

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