Multitouch Flash – Will it build momentum?

Ever since Steve Jobs dismissed Flash a few months back, it sure seems that interest in Flash has cooled. Now, multitouch and gesture support has arrived for the Adobe Flash platform. Will it be enough to restart long-term interest? Only time will tell.

Count me intrigued.

As an iPhone and iPad owner, I only occasionally feel hampered by those devices lack of Flash support. HTML5 video support has mostly filled the gap for me, but Flash-based sites are pretty much inaccessible.

Setting aside all of the reported power-consumption and heat-related issues that Flash creates, I think it would be great to see Flash working on these devices. Creating apps for the iPad is a time-consuming and expensive proposition, but if website operators could utilize the healthy pool of Flash developers to build interesting and interactive features, I think it would be a good thing for end-users.

Will Steve Jobs change his mind? Not likely.

What do you think…will Flash be a more viable solution?

I’d be interested to hear some Flash developers weigh-in on this.

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Author:Craig Berry

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