Wi-Fi security at public hotspots

Recently, a tool has been developed to sniff out insecure web connections at public Wi-Fi hotspots. Shocker? It shouldn’t be. For years, data has been passed ‘in the clear‘, i.e. unencrypted.

With the proliferation of public hotspots, you can expect more tools and more horror stories of online accounts being compromised. So, take a little time and educate yourself in the basics of wireless security.

From my experience, the trend is to allow more ‘open’ hotspots – those that do not require any kind of authentication or logging in. While this makes life simpler for us, it does nothing to dissuade a wannabe hacker/cracker. In fact, they are attracted to these kinds of hotspots.

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Author:Craig Berry

Craig Berry is a Catholic web developer and musician.
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