Reaching Parishioners with Facebook

This past Wednesday evening I offered a free webinar on using Facebook pages to build and strengthen relationships with parishioners. I’ve made the video of the session available for anyone who may be interested:

I’ve also posted links to additional resources and further reading at my personal blog.

If you have any tips or suggestions for parishes looking to dive into the world of Facebook, please leave them in the comments!

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Author:Jonathan F. Sullivan

Jonathan F. Sullivan is the director of catechetical services for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. You can follow him on Twitter @sullijo; he also blogs on catechetical topics at
  • Brandon Vogt

    This is such a great resource for the Church. Thanks for putting this presentation together and making it available to everyone!

    • Jonathan F. Sullivan

      Thanks, Brandon — I’m glad you found it useful!

  • Ann Piasecki

    Dear Jonathan;
    I’m working on a faith-based memoir writing workshop, and I’d like to promote it through my Facebook Account or perhaps another venue. Please check out my website; it will provide you with a bit more insight into what I do. I am currently contracted to run 30-plus general memoir writing workshops, but I’d love to tap into the faith-based aspect, such as helping people flush out their mission work experience; delve into their favorite Scripture verse (one that seems to resonate with them), etc.
    Thank you,
    Ann Piasecki
    Owner and founder of Cameo Memories and Photography