IT Security – Protecting us from evangelization?

Here’s an interesting article about IT security, “Breakin’ the Law: Corporate IT Policies and the Mobile Workforce“. The gist of it is – with more people working remotely, have IT security policies adapted enough to support their needs, or are they stifling productivity? The article then goes on to provide evidence that many tech workers ignore or work around the security in place.

Having worked in IT for 10 years myself, and now finding myself working remotely quite often, this issue is very relevant to me. I fully appreciate the need to keep a corporate network safe and secure. A security breach can be devastating, so precautions need to implemented. On the flip-side, people need to get their work done, and nowadays, that work involves using more than MS Office, email, and a file share on the network.

And therein lies the rub…

IT needs the authority to make technical decisions, but it must SERVE the needs of the business. Put another way, the cure should not be worse than the disease.

Stop blocking Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Those 3 websites alone constitute an enormous evangelization opportunity. Literally hundreds of millions of people can be reached through them. Blocking them at a firewall is counter-productive. If time-management issues are a concern, there are many methods to monitor usage. If bandwidth issues are a concern…they shouldn’t be…bandwidth has never been cheaper.

If the Vatican thinks it’s OK…why doesn’t everyone else?

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