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An informal proposal regarding Catholic hashtags

For those who don’t know what a hashtag is….read this.

It’s been great seeing the #cathmedia hashtag take off in such a short time. Today, I saw a tweet exchange on #cathmedia that highlights a growing problem. Someone posted a tweet about a topic that another tweeter didn’t think was appropriate for that hashtag (sorry, but I don’t feel the content of the tweets are relevant here). There was some back and forth on what constitutes #cathmedia, and it led nowhere.

Due to the openness of Twitter, I don’t think it’s possible to ‘police’ hashtags, but I do think it might be worthwhile to propose some new ones that may be more specific to the content and easier for people to track.

Here are my suggestions… and that’s all they are – suggestions. I’m very interested in feedback on this, because I do think there needs to be some sort of agreement for it to have much effect.

#CathNews – News links or announcements.

#CathBlog – Blog posts.

#CathTech – Technology usage. I see this as a good one to ask tech questions on. Also to share cool new technology finds.

#CathPic – Pictures, images, slideshows…think visual.

#CathPod – Podcasts.

#CathVid – Video.

#CathMedia – I know it was created to handle media production/promotion…but has it turned into something more?

Am I missing any? Or do you think there isn’t much of a problem and this is unnecessary?

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Author:Craig Berry

Craig Berry is a Catholic web developer and musician.
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  • Jeffrey Pinyan

    This sounds good to me. What constitutes “production” and “promotion” of Catholic media? Fundraising to buy air-time (“producing”) for Catholic radio or TV?Advertising (“promoting”) a book or CD or DVD set?

    • Craig


      Good questions…

      When I first heard about #CathMedia, my first instinct was that it was ‘Social Media’ related.

  • BroJer

    ahem, where to begin.

    When the #CNMC was first over and there was a desire for people to network and stay connected, Greg Willitis sent out a Tweet asking what may be a good common #hastag to do just that. A number of us responded and #cathmedia was born. I have created a column in TweetDeck to stay abreast of folks using #cathmedia. The #hastag has worked fairly well at doing what I believe the intention was, and that is simply, to get and stay connected with other Catholics involved in New Media. Period!

    So I am asking myself if we really need to complicate the matter or just use some common sense! If we have to divide up #hastags into sub-categories because someone used #cathmedia to promote something that one or two people may think is not relevant, WHAT NEXT? Seriously, if we do not have anything better to do than police #hastags….

    People are just people! It does not matter if we are meeting and discussing a topic in the Parish Center, Twitter or Facebook, there will always be personality clashes and people who may say things not totally relevant to the topic. If the intent of the #cathmedia #hastag is to connect us, it has and is doing what it should do for the Catholic Community! I want to thank Greg for having the insight to bring some order early on.

    How about this, if you see 140 characters with the #cathmeda #hastag, and it is not something important or relative to you, IGNORE IT! Maybe it is important to the one sending the information out, and two people who never met before, do as a result! Praise the Lord
    Come on brothers and sisters, keep it simple, lets get excited about this technology and the chance to connect like never before, and just use some common sense!

    #cathmedia ROCKS and so do most of the folks that I have seen use it!

    In Christ, Jerry Kohlbrand

  • Barb in Nebraska

    Thanks for posting this. This is a good discussion. I wondered if I should use #Cathmedia to promote my classroom’s wiki. Or should I post #Cathwiki?

    • Craig


      I like #cathwiki !

      What I’ve been doing recently is posting both #cathmedia AND the sub-hashtag…e.g. #cathblog

      That is, if there’s enough characters left 😉

  • Craig


    Great comments!

    For me personally, I don’t mind sifting through tweets that don’t interest me. Like you, I’ve set up a stream in Hootsuite to monitor #cathmedia. It’s my favorite twitter search.

    Thanks for the backstory. I wasn’t at CNMC but understood that #cathmedia was an offshoot of it.

    I like the idea of sub-categorizing just for the fact that it can help pinpoint what the content is. If I see a tweet with a link in it, it’s helpful to know what to expect upon clicking it.

    Lastly, I wholeheartedly agree…policing is not an option.

  • Anjanette Wiley

    I’m glad you posted on this topic and started this blog! I discovered the #cathmedia hashtag and had been following it. I quit following because it seemed to be mostly people pushing their own content. I’m more interested in talking to people who work in parishes and dioceses with new media and learning from each other. We have a lot of work to do!

  • Matthew

    These are good suggestions.  I will be featuring a link to your ideas in my coming ebook on Catholic blogs