Does the Oracle Java – Google Android lawsuit have merit?

judge-rulingThe hot tech-topic over the weekend was the announcement that Oracle had filed a lawsuit against Google over the purported copyright and patent infringement of Java in the Google Android operating system. This topic will be closely watched by many in the tech industry, especially those with a passion for the Open Source movement.

Of the articles and commentary I’ve seen so far, this article at SiliconANGLE, Oracle Sues Google – How Google Tried to End Run Java and Why Oracle’s Lawsuit Has Merit, seems to be the most lucid and informative, and makes the strongest argument that I’ve seen, that this lawsuit does have merit. I strongly recommend reading that article, and any commentary, that digs beneath the surface on this far-reaching topic. While I’m no scholar on patent or copyright law, or even GPL (General Public License) usage, I do believe the outcome of this story could have ramifications on the adoption and commercialization of Open Source for many years.

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Author:Craig Berry

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