The Great Photo Debate — What’s Real and What’s Not

Sometimes I derive pleasure from stirring up the pot a bit … is that so bad?

While at the Catholic Media Conference earlier this month, I was part of a lively debate about how the heck should photo contests be judged. It was myself, a writer and 2 writer/photographers. I brought up our situation at The Catholic Spirit, where some entries to our Cathedral photo contest were obviously manipulated/photoshopped. Our debate ended and nothing was decided.

Back at The Catholic Spirit, we’re discussing another upcoming photo contest. The issue resurfaced about whether to allow photoshopped images or not. That debate is still ongoing.

Then this morning, I was doing some housecleaning on my inbox and came across an old blog post from David Pogue (NYT). I saw the headline and chuckled. “Photoshop and Photography: When Is It Real?” It’s all about a magazine running a photo contest and a debate broke out about photoshopped images. If you have a strong opinion one way or the other about this topic, it’s a good read.

I’m in the camp for allowing photo manipulation. Hey, Photoshop ain’t cheap…you gotta use it for something, right?

Back to stirring the pot…

What do YOU think?

Does using any ‘photo editor’ to crop or color-correct constitute photo manipulation?
Should there be multiple categories for the contest?
Should a masterfully executed photo shot be judged higher than a mediocre one with amazing Photoshop editing?

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