AT&T Website Hole — Much ado about little?

ipad_standingIf you just went by the headlines from the AT&T website security hole last week, you would have thought all iPad owners would have to call their credit card companies to cancel their card.

After a more thorough reading of relevant news articles, it looks more like hyperbole than catastrophe. The ‘Gotse Security’ group that discovered the security hole notified AT&T, but never released the actual email addresses that were scraped during their ‘investigation.’

I’m leaning towards, ‘No harm, no foul’ and this seems more like a case of a lot of groups, trying to take the luster off Apple and their successful iPad.

There are some that think the ‘potential’ exists for some bad things to happen, and while worthy of further study, I’m not convinced the story necessitated such extreme coverage. Then again, perhaps this’ll be a good reminder of the importance of web security.

What’s your take…is this a big deal? Has AT&T addressed this issue adequately?

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Author:Craig Berry

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