What’s Left for the iPhone to Conquer?

iphone4Now that iPhone 4 is nearly here, and based on pre-release information it’s a winner, it begs the question, “Where does it go from here?”

Ever since they essentially de-throned PDA’s as the weapon of choice for mobile techie’s, ‘smartphones’ have undergone an enormous evolution. Palm Treo’s were big for awhile, then BlackBerries dominated, then along came the iPhone, which radically changed everything. Now, the Droid and Palm products have been playing catchup (or overtaking it, depending on your perspective).

Since we’re talking the iPhone here, let’s recap…

First, we had the inspired sea change that was the iPhone. People camped out for weeks to buy it. Game changer to be sure, but still lacking a few elements…actually, more than a few…but it was a home run for Apple.

Then, the iPhone 3G came out which gave folks a reliable and usable network connection away from Wi-Fi.

A short-time later came the iPhone 3GS. Now we have a more powerful processor, native video, and a more than acceptable camera.

Could the iPhone 4 be the ace-in-the-hole? All the niggly little drawbacks seem to be addressed; multi-tasking (thanks to an even beefier processor), native HD video, 5 megapixel camera (with a front-side lens), and what appears to be a video-conferencing tool (FaceTime) that is an industry first.

So, back to my question…”Where does it go from here?” No need for a Flip camcorder, not much of a need for a digital camera (the point and shoot variety I should say), and speaking for myself here…every feature that I’ve wished for in the 5 or 6 previous smartphones are now available. Oh sure, faster processors will arrive as will higher-resolution cameras and must-have apps, but it seems like all the must-have features are finally together in one phone.

Of course, the Google Android team and the Apple iPhone team are hard at work at coming up with The Next Big Thing, but I honestly can’t think of what will constitute a game-changer for the future.

So, I’ll ask you…”Where does it go from here?” What feature, (software or hardware or accessory) could possibly revolutionize this quickly maturing device market?

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Author:Craig Berry

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