Foursquare ‘Special Nearby’

foursquareAfter spending a week in New Orleans, I’m very happy to be back in the land of 10,000 Caribou Coffee Shops. Down in NOLA, you can only go to Cafe Du Monde so many times, and so you’re stuck going to that large national chain of coffee shops with the funky logo.

This morning I checked in on Foursquare at my favorite Caribou and saw a new feature, ‘Special Nearby.’ After clicking it, I was informed that after 10 check-ins I qualify for a $1 discount on a large coffee. YES! Location-based social networking is growing up.

Apparently, this feature has been around for a couple weeks, but I hadn’t stumbled upon it yet.

This should be a reminder to those businesses to start taking this movement seriously and develop a game plan.

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Author:Craig Berry

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