Should businesses use Foursquare?

This blog post, ‘6 ways to optimize your business on Foursquare’, has some useful ideas and bolsters the argument that businesses SHOULD use Foursquare (or any of the other location-based social networks). I especially recommend #1 and #2…

#1 – Get Listed. This is a no-brainer. Any business owner, regardless of what they think about location-based networking, has to understand just how big this is getting. In one year, Foursquare has attracted 1,000,000 users. If you do nothing else, make sure you can be found on the Foursquare service. Seriously. It’ll take you 2 minutes — and you may already be on it.

#2 – ‘Offer Specials’. At one of my favorite coffee hangouts [HINT: It starts with a big C], they offer a $.10 discount for answering the daily trivia. 10 cents…big whoop right? But that small perk builds goodwill and over time, I am a more loyal customer. Hey coffee shops — how about $.10 off for folks who ‘check-in’ on Foursquare or Gowalla? If you made it $.25, I’d even have it post to my Facebook and Twitter account. That’s some cheap advertising in my book.

Sure, I understand that a lot of folks don’t quite get the location-based social networking thing, that’s fine – a bunch of other folks DID figure it out 40 million times.

Do YOU have any ideas for how business can use location-based social networks? Share in the comments below…

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