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Over at the Apple Blog, there’s a post entitled, ‘7 Essential iPad Productivity Apps.’ For those on the fence over whether or not the iPad can make you more productive, start with a look at that article.

I’ve got most of those apps already (although I’m still waiting for the iWork Suite to beef up it’s offering a bit). I thought I’d share a couple more productivity items that the iPad offers.

1. InstaPaper (Free or Pro). If you haven’t glommed onto this incredible tool, or something like it, you really should consider it. I still rely on Del.icio.us to handle the majority of my bookmarking, but I’ve latched onto using InstaPaper Pro to handle the ‘Read it Later’ fix. The beauty of this app is that it’ll create a local copy for use in it’s offline reader. The downside to this is, you can now so easily tag items for review…you may never catch up on all that reading. The iPad version (also available for iPhone) is stellar. Another great tag/review app is ‘Read It Later‘, but they don’t have an iPad app yet AFAIK, only the iPhone app.

2. Mail. Yes, good old-fashioned email. It is much easier to follow up on a large pile of emails with this app. While the iPhone is great for those emergency or hot items, with the iPad, you can sit back with some coffee and peruse and RESPOND much more enjoyably. While typing on the iPad keyboard isn’t as great as a desktop/laptop, it sure beats thumbing it on a small smartphone screen.

3. iBooks and Kindle. It’s a huge productivity boost to be able to download and read material across all of your devices (i.e. Macbook, iPhone, iPad) AND have your bookmarks sync’ed between them as well.

4. RSS Reading. NewsRack for the iPad is my preferred app to plow through my RSS aggregate. Of course, it integrates with InstaPaper.

While it’s not a huge list yet, based on the rate of iPad app development, we should expect many productivity offerings in the near future.

How about you? Do you have any iPad apps that make you more productive?

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