Feeling nostalgic? ‘The History of Computers in a Nutshell’

The SixRevisions blog has a neat article entitled, ‘The History of Computers in a Nutshell’. It includes some great photos as well.

The picture of the Commodore PET brings back memories for me, since that was the first computer our family ever owned. I learned a little BASIC on it, and we had a fun Dungeons and Dragons style game for it, but I don’t recall the name of it. Oh yeah, the graphics were terrible by today’s standards.

The model we had was slightly different than the one pictured. The ‘cassette (er..storage) drive’ was external to the chassis, and the keyboard keys were much larger. The middle-school I attended had a fleet of these as well. Those and a bunch of TRS-80’s.

How about you? What was your first computer? Do you still have it? What was your favorite game?

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Author:Craig Berry

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