Tilting towards the iPad

With magical reviews like this and a hearty list of available apps like this, I’m leaning ever closer towards an iPad purchase. For me to go ahead with a purchase, these are some of the questions I need answered.

  • ‘Readability’, that is, how long can I comfortably read on the device. I’ve been considering an Amazon Kindle or Sony eReader, primarily because eInk is so easy to read, but I think I’ll go to an Apple store and take a look at it.
  • Potential issues with Wifi. Are these isolated cases, or is it part of a larger problem?
  • On-screen keyboard. WordPress (which powers my blogs), has an iPad app, so if it’s a comfortable typing experience, I suspect I’d use it quite often.

We’ll see… 😎

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Author:Craig Berry

Craig Berry is a Catholic web developer and musician.
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  • Jim Lackey

    Go for it, and then let me borrow it for a couple weeks when I see you in two months.

    • Craig Berry

      Just got it today!

      • http://robertallenreview.com mytanya27

        i really like this one,.i hope to have this soon:)