Help Needed: Questions about eReaders

Sony-Reader-Pocket-Edition-I’m close to making a purchase decision on an eReader, specifically the Sony PRS-300 (Pocket Edition). It looks to be just the right size for me and the right price.

Have a couple questions for folks with an eReader…

  1. Do the Sony products allow you to ‘subscribe’ to a blog somehow? Would love to be able to read some of the blogs I follow on this device.
  2. Again, Sony products, are you only able to buy books from Sony or can you buy from Amazon and other places?
  3. Do eReaders in general do a decent job of displaying PDF files?
  4. Any regrets on your purchase? Do you wish you would’ve gone with a different size, make or model?

Thanks in advance!

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Author:Craig Berry

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  • NCSue

    I’d be interested in hearing what folks have to say, too. But I confess that I find the heft and feel of a “real book” in my hands to be very satisfying. I wonder if I wouldn’t miss that enough to rob me of reading pleasure.

    Oh me… Such a conundrum…


  • Craig Berry

    I think the deal cincher for me is that I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I cannot read for long periods on a bright computer screen or my iPhone.

    The eInk technology, from what I’ve seen and heard, is extremely easy on the eyes.

    The other thing is that my laptop is pretty big and heavy (Macbook Pro 17″) and I’m not inclined to throw one of my thick tech books in with it. I’ve not read much in the past year because of this, so I’m hoping it get’s me going again.