Five Fave Apps for the iPhone

iphone_homeI’ve had my iPhone for a little more than 6 months now, and it has been an incredible experience. I’ve had Blackberries and Palms before, but this ‘fella integrates my tech life with my ‘real life’ more seamlessly and more enjoyably. It didn’t hurt that I also made the complete switch from PC to Mac.  😎

Creating a list of ‘Five Faves’ is pretty difficult, since I’ve installed 50 to date, so I’ll just focus on those that I actually use the most. I’ll leave out the core apps that come pre-installed, because as you can imagine, the email / calendar / contacts apps are my primary day-to-day tools.

In no particular order . . .

  1. Tweetie 2 – It supports multiple accounts, saved searches, twitter trends and is respectably fast. Maybe someday, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for iphone will win me over, but for now Tweetie has my vote.
  2. Facebook – I’m a moderate ‘Facebooker’, so it’s nice to keep up to date with friends on the go. The Fan Page feature is nice.
  3. The Weather Channel – The 36 hour and 10 day forecasts are my favorite features here. There’s a whole slew of ‘Weather’ apps out there, but this one suits my purposes.
  4. Fox Sports – I have to admit, I’m a sports junkie and this app feeds my need. Not as visually inviting as ESPN SportCenter (which I also use occasionally), but it’s always got the latest scores, schedules and breaking news to keep me plugged in until I’m in my car listening to KFAN AM 1130.
  5. NewsRack – Ask any tech head how many RSS feeds they’re following and it’ll probably be quite a few. I’m following over 30 feeds covering technology, design, development, religion and productivity tips. If I don’t keep reading those things often, within a couple days I’m buried. Integrates and syncs with Google Reader and a plethora of saving/read later options, including my personal favorite, ‘InstaPaper’.

Honorable mentions . . .

  • Flixter Movies – Nice for getting bite-sized reviews of upcoming movies. Also integrates with Facebook.
  • Wikipanion – So far, much better than the Wikipedia app.
  • World Cup Air Hockey – Reliving the ‘Miracle on Ice’. :-)

How about you, what are your ‘Five Faves’?

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Author:Craig Berry

Craig Berry is a Catholic web developer and musician.
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  • Craig Berry


    Since I first posted this, I’ve been getting into Foursquare and Gowalla.

  • Dick Martens

    My 5 favorites are:

    a) white pages phone directory
    b) the catholic directory (mass times based on your location).
    c) open table (restaurant reservations)
    d) wells fargo mobile banking
    e) music ID (naming song and artist)

  • erutten

    My 5…
    Maps (Google)
    and… my little nieces and nephews love “Waterslide”