Will the Apple Tablet/iSlate/iPad be a game changer?

The anticipation is palpable on the web for next week’s Apple announcement, which is widely believed to be about a tablet-style device.

For up-to-the-minute coverage, Gizmodo has a good page here.

Could it be a game changer? I say a prohibitive ‘yes’…

  • The Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader devices have done pretty well, considering that it’s nowhere nearly as interactive as this new device ‘may’ be. Content publishers could see an incredible explosion of possibilities.
  • Price. If the price is between $600-$800 as rumored, this won’t keep too many folks on the sidelines like the MacBook Air did.
  • 3G. If it’s true that Apple is teaming with Verizon to support the device on their network, this could be a great asset for many mobile workers. Most will still use a laptop, but I think this would be a great tool for sales presentations and visits to customer/client sites.

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Author:Craig Berry

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